H4L™ NMHR – Hair 4 Life Non Medical Hair Replacement

H4L23H4L® NMHR is one of the finest and sophisticated non-surgical procedure for treating Hair-loss. We perform this procedure with the help of our H4L® Expert Stylists who are thorough professionals. H4L® NMHR is performed mainly for people in advance stages of hair-loss. This is a non-invasive technique through which one gets hair on every inch of his/her scalp without undergoing any surgeries or pain. H4L® NMHR not only helps one restore their natural hair in cosmetic form however also restores his/her self-confidence back. This is by far one of the finest method to restore hair non-surgically and it is years ahead of wigs and weaving.

This is one of the finest non-surgical procedure wherein one gets natural hair in cosmetic form.

What If you’re Not Ready for Medical Hair Restoration?


Hair transplantation may not be the appropriate first step for younger men losing their hair. A delayed approach to hair transplantation for a young male, even when the young man is distressed by his hair loss and has expressed a desire for immediate hair transplantation may be the right approach. Alternatives to hair transplantation can provide cosmetic improvement until hair transplantation is likely to result in a satisfactory, long-term cosmetic outcome.

A man who begins to lose hair in his teen-age years or very early twenties finds himself developing a “middle-age look”, twenty years too early. The change in his appearance can be a cause of great concern and even emotional distress. The “look” that a young man presents to friends, colleagues, business contacts and potential sexual partners can make or break his success in the social and business worlds-or he may believe this to be the case, with negative effect on his self-esteem.

What Can You Do If You’re Not Ready for Hair Transplantation?


A young man concerned about his early hair loss will usually be offered alternative options for cosmetic improvement, if he is urged to accept a delay in hair transplantation. The hair restoration specialist will advise the young man regarding the best options for retaining cosmetic appearance while awaiting hair transplantation.