The journey of Hair4Life™ started with visionary Founder of the company Mr. Dhiren Kansara. In 2010, he ventured into the profession of hair and skin care treatments and pioneered the field of Hair-loss treatments in India. At a time when India was witnessing a revolution in health care industry. He chose to pioneer the Hair4Life™, India’s very own and only hair and skin studio in Ahmedabad. Having established Hair4Life™ as one of the best hair restoration companies in India, the founder returned to India and developed more effective procedures of hair replacement and restoration treatments because he knew that there had to be the best way to restore confidence for every person, immaterial of what age, stage, background of the person visiting Hair4Life™.

Starting with a humble beginning of hair-loss based consulting, the focus on research, expertise and results led Hair 4 Life™ to expand into hair and skin industry.

Hair4Life™ is a specialty hair and skin care company and our head office is located in Ahmedabad (India). We are experts in helping clients solve hair-loss and skin related problems. The company was founded in 2016 by Mr. Dhiren Kansara who is also an Expert Consultant for Hair-loss.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company