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H4L® Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is a safe form of light treatment (a type of ) under investigation for a variety of health indications. It is being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss common in men and women, androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.  Read more….

H4L® Hair Check

Hair check has forever changed the way people think and talk about hair loss. Before Hair check there was no practical way to measure hair loss, hair breakage, and the response to treatments. Read more…

H4L® Salon Services

We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends. Read more…


At Skin4Life, we perform all Skin related procedures, products and services. This also includes Beard Transplant and Permanent Make-up. The Clinic has been working with patients to provide the best dermatological care for patients.Presenting complete comprehensive skin care under one roof.  Read more….



Hair 4 Life™ is committed in educating and improving the lives of all those affected by hair loss. It is our goal to create public awareness of this devastating discomfort of the spirit, and to legitimize hair loss of all forms in the eyes of our medical community, media and the society as a whole.

We recognize that hair-loss is not only a complex medical condition, but also that affects every aspect of the sufferer’s life. For this reason we are dedicated to providetreatments and resources to those who are suffering and actively researching effective treatments for the same.Through our talented cosmetologists, that give our customers the dignity and self-respect needed to be successful in the world today. We are also committed in offering a range of services for hair-loss and skin care in the same premises, to give our customers the convenience of a one stop shop for all their hair and skin care needs.Having fun doing business by sharing the passion of cosmetology combining technology, art, and science.

At Hair 4 Life™ there is no high pressure of selling or giving any misinformation. We have various treatments clinical, non-clinical, hair and skin related. In clinical we claim that we give natural non-maintenance Hair as per the planted follicles which grow back eventually. We don’t make false promises, especially on our non-clinical treatments or high-end hair replacement systems. We do not claim to be able to make your own hair grow back, but we can help you achieve the best alternative option possible.We are dedicated to give you the most natural looking head of hair and make it indistinguishable from a real head of hair. Our high quality and dedicated craftsmanship and expertise cannot be beaten.We are passionate about helping you look good and feel great!


At Hair4Life™ with our expert study and research we provide cost effective, premium quality solutions by leveraging our global reach and inspiring people to take small everyday actions, by which we believe it will help make a big difference to the clients, society and the world as a whole.

To grow and succeed in Hair Industry it is necessary to continually assess the needs of the people and work alongside people who hold the same vision. By giving effective products to our clients, we remove the negativity that comes with hair and skin problems. We want to help our clients look and feel good, we help people live with confidence and enjoy a sense of well-being that comes with using Hair4Life™ products. Our distinct purpose and operational expertise across Hair4Life™ model will help people realize our vision of accelerating growth in the Hair & Skin Industry, while keeping our surrounding environment friendly and increasing a positive social impact.This vision creates a harmonious, productive, and positive environment. It is our responsibility to be committed to this process and deliver to our client’s needs.

  • It was my decision to choose Hair 4 Life as if they could regrow my lost hair I was definitely interested. After just a few months of the Hair 4 Life Laser Therapy, I observed that my hair was coming back. It’s quite remarkable to see it for yourself.

  • Hair 4 Life explained about lose of many guys hair before mid 20’s, but until recently there was no effective way to retard hair loss and regrow hair. But now with Hair 4 Life Laser Treatment, it’s possible to do that and even after a short period of time I started to see results and I was happy from the techniques of Hair 4 Life.

  • Excellent service by Hair4life as they have given me fantastic results with their transplantation and am really happy with the overall outcome. I would strongly recommend Hair4life to anyone suffering from Hairloss.

    Anand Patel
  • Hair4 life. Absolutely amazing owner and the staff. The doctor was brilliant, professional and excellent at hair transplant surgery. Highly recommend everyone this place

    Bhavin Panchal
  • I lost my hair when I was 20. I tried treatment at Hair4Life and it has completely changed my personality. I definitely look 10 years younger than earlier. I am very happy. It has helped me and I am sure it will help more people like me.

  • For quite a long period of my life I was trying to get along with my hair loss problem. But it’s difficult to ignore it…as in the morning, I had to face the mirror! So finally I decided to do something about it. I found the solution to my long lasting struggle at Hair4Life. They are really amazing


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